Política de privacidade do usuário

1. Overview

We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our Customers, App Users and Website Visitors. We will ask users to consent with this User Privacy Policy when they register in one of our Apps. By using our Website or Blog and agreeing with this policy, they consent to our use of cookies in accordance with the terms of this policy. This policy may be updated at any time to reflect new features or services and for compliance with law and law enforcement requests.

For the purposes of this Policy, our “Services” refer to our Content Management System (as known as Passport), our API and our mobile apps.

2. Purpose

This Policy lists and describes the personal information we collect when users visit our Website or Blog or use our CMS or Apps, as well as the reasons why we collect this data and the ways it can be used. We ensure that the personal information collected from our Customers, Users and Visitors is limited to the purposes described in this policy.

3. Scope

The personal information collected and used by mobLee is limited to the purpose expressly described in this Policy, which covers:

4. Personal Information

In this Policy, personal information means information related to an identified or identifiable natural person. An identifiable person is someone who can be directly or indirectly identified, particularly by referencing an identification number or a specific identity factor such as physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social characteristic. Except as described in this Policy, mobLee will not give, sell, rent or loan any personal information to any third party.

4.1. Personal Information that users or Third Parties provide to us or that we collect

4.1.1. Passport Account Information

When you register for a Service, we ask for personal information such as name, address, phone number, email address and instant messaging ID, as well as certain professional information like company name and website. Since it is possible to authorize other users to use a Service through the same Account as an Agent and/or Administrator or an End-User, personal information such as e-mail address and name or alias from authorized users are collected. For the purposes of this Policy, we refer to any information described above as “Passport Account Information”.

By voluntarily providing us with Account Information, the user hereby represent that is the owner of such personal information or is otherwise authorized to provide it to us.

4.1.2. App Account Information

When the user register for an account in one of our Applications, we ask for personal information such as name, profile picture, phone number and email address, as well as certain professional information like job title, company name and a personal description. Except for the name and email address, all the other information is optional by default or required by an event organizer request. We refer to any information described above as “App Account Information” for the purposes of this Policy.
By voluntarily providing us with Account Information, the user hereby represent that is the owner of such personal information or is otherwise authorized to provide it to us.

4.1.3. Newsletter and eBooks Information

When the user register in our Blog to receive our newsletter or to download one of our eBooks, we ask for personal information such as your name, company name, job title, phone number and email address. We refer to any information described above as “Newsletter and eBooks Information” for purposes of this Policy.
By voluntarily providing us with this information, the user hereby represent that is the owner of such personal information or is otherwise authorized to provide it to us, agreeing to receive our emails with new data and to be contacted by one of our staff members.

4.1.4. Service Data

We collect and store information that is created, inputted, submitted, posted, transmitted, stored or displayed by the users, their Agents or End-Users in the process of using our Services. Such information may include personal information or other sensitive information that they choose to include. We refer to any information described above as “Service Data” for the purposes of this Policy. All Service Data is subject to our technical safeguards as more fully subscribed in our Terms of Service.

4.1.5. Analytics Information from the usage of our Websites and Services

We collect analytics information when users use our Content Management System and our Apps to help us improve it and to generate reports for the organizer who contracted the service. We also collect data from users in our Website and Blog to help us with business decisions.
In our Services, analytics information may consist of the feature and function of the Service being used, the associated domain name, the username and IP address of the Agent or End-User (which may include personal information if the personal information was incorporated into the username) and additional information required to detail the operation of the function and which parts of a Service are being affected. As such, the analytics information we collect may include personal information or sensitive business information.

4.1.6. Communication with us

When somebody sends us an email or communicates with us in other ways, including support requests for our Services, we may collect the personal information that is provided to us and we may use it in order to process the inquiries, to respond the requests and to improve our Services.

4.1.7. Personal Information from Third Parties

We also may obtain other information, including personal information, from third parties and combine it with information we collect through our CMS and Applications.

4.1.8. Personal Information provided to us by event organizers

The event organizers provide us information of the companies present in the event, which may include personal information from their employees and sales representatives in order to create a point of contact for their business. We also have access to speakers’ personal information, provided by the organizer to use and disclose it in our Apps as part of the event content. The event organizers may also provide us the attendees’ personal information in order to pre-populate our registration form and to disclose it to other attendees. Any access that we may have to such information is in accordance with the authorization procedures determined by the organizers’ service.

4.2. Other Information that is provided to us or we collect

In addition to personal information, we collect data and other information from visitors of our Website, Blog and the users of our CMS and Apps. This includes, among other things, anonymized information or aggregated data that mobLee may collect about the features or users while visiting our Website or accessing any of our Services. We define this information as Usage Data. Usage Data helps us understand trends so that we can better consider new features or tailor our Services. In addition to collecting and using Usage Data, mobLee may share Usage Data with third parties, including subscribers, partners and service providers. Besides advertising and marketing, some purposes of sharing data are to help us better understand our customers’ needs and improve our Services. We may also publish Usage Data to provide relevant information about it and to help promoting and selling our Services.

5. How we use Personal Information

We use the collected personal information for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Provide, operate, maintain, analyze, improve and promote our Apps;
  • Tailor our CMS and Apps to our customers’ and users’ needs;
  • Authorize Agents and End-Users to access and use our Services;
  • Communicate with the organizer, responding to their comments, questions, and requests, providing customer service and support;
  • Provide information about services, features, surveys, newsletters, offers, promotions and events;
  • Provide other news or information about us and the events we provide Apps to;
  • Send the users technical notices, updates, security alerts, and support and administrative messages;
  • Monitor and analyze trends, usage, and activities connected to our Services and suitable for marketing or advertising purposes;
  • Investigate and prevent fraudulent transactions, unauthorized access to our Services, and other illegal activities.

5.1. Analysis of our Services

As indicated above, we use the information we collect (including log and configuration data) to understand how our CMS and Apps are being configured and used and how they can be improved; also, we use it to develop new services, features and functionalities. With the information collected from our website and blog, we also understand market trends, our customers’ needs and opportunities to improve our Services overall.

5.2. Sharing Personal Information

5.2.3. Third-party service providers

We share information, including personal information, with our third-party service providers (such as managed hosting providers, sub-processors of Service Data, and technology partners). These providers accommodate the necessary hardware, software, networking, storage, and other services used to operate our CMS and Apps and maintain a high quality user experience. Newsletter and eBooks Information is shared with Third-party service providers in order to manage contacts and deliver content to our subscribers. We do not permit our service providers to use the personal information that we share with them for their marketing purposes or for any other purpose than the ones related to the services they provide to us.

5.2.4. Event Organizers

We share information, including personal information, with the event organizers to help them improve their event and provide the attendees with personalized information. They may combine the information we provide with the information from their own database in order to communicate with the attendees and report the results of their event. We also share anonymous information about the usage of our Apps with the event organizers through custom reports that they can use to manage the event and attend to visitors’ needs.

5.2.5. Compliance with laws and law enforcement requests; Protection of our rights

We disclose personal information to respond to subpoenas, court orders, or legal process, or to establish or exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims. We may also share such information if we believe it is necessary in order to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, violations of our Terms of Service, or as otherwise required by law.

5.2.6. mobLee’s staff

We may share information, including personal information, with any member of mobLee’s staff for the purposes stated in this Policy.

5.3. Accessing and updating user information

App Account Information may be accessed, updated or changed through the App being used by providing such additional information where applicable. Any user of one of our Apps that would like to request deletion of information that mobLee has collected, should contact us at appgrade@moblee.net. We will respond to such queries within thirty (30) business days.
Passport Account Information is only managed by mobLee’s staff. Any customer that would like to update, change or request a deletion of information that mobLee has collected, should contact us at appgrade@moblee.net. We
Any newsletter subscribers that would like to be removed from the listing, should contact us at appgrade@moblee.net. We will respond to such queries within thirty (30) business days.
Technical limitations may restrict or eliminate our ability to remove or delete certain data from all systems.

6. Protection of Information

We are committed to ensure the security of our customers, end users and visitors’ personal information. We take precautions to protect the confidentiality and security of the personal information within our CMS and Apps, by applying technological, physical and administrative security safeguards, such as carefully developed security procedures. These technologies, procedures and other measures are used in an effort to ensure that any Account Information is safe, secure, and only available to the user and those they give authorized access into the user Account Information. However, users must be aware that no Internet, e-mail or other electronic transmission is ever fully secure or error-free, so all users should be attentive while deciding what information is sent to us through this way.

7. Children’s Personal Information

We do not knowingly collect any personal information from children under the age of 13. We encourage parents and legal guardians to monitor their children’s Internet usage and to help enforce this Policy by instructing their children to never provide personal information through our Apps without their permission. If a person has a reason to believe that a child under the age of 13 has provided personal information to us through our Apps, please contact us, and we will use reasonable efforts to delete that information. Users are responsible for establishing policies for and compliance with applicable laws for the collection of personal information related to the use of our Apps.

8. Business Transactions

mobLee may assign or transfer this Policy, and any User Account and related information and data, including any personal information, to any person or entity that acquires all or substantially all of our business, stock or assets of, or with whom we merge.

9. Contact Us

Anybody that still have questions regarding this Policy or about mobLee’s privacy practices, should contact us by email at appgrade@moblee.net.

10. Definitions and Terms

  • Passport: mobLee’s Content Management System
  • CMS: Content Management System
  • API: Application Public Interface
  • RALF API: mobLee’s REST API